SP1 Transfer

The Subproject Transfer includes the Workpackages Advisory Board Communications, Consolidation and Evaluation, as well as Dissemination and Standardization


Advisory Board Communications

To guide the project, an Advisory Board will be formed that includes key experts from a wide range of stakeholders, including industry, research organizations, public administration, data protection agencies, and potential users. The board will meet regularly to review major decisions and progress of the project, and provide input.  All contributions will be documented and communicated within the project. The Advisory Board will help to develop client and backend components in a market-oriented fashion. 

Consolidation and Evaluation

In a complex and large project like FutureID, the workpackage Consolidation and Evaluation is necessary to create the big picture of the major results of the entire project. This consolidated view forms also the basis for systematic evaluation.  It must be evaluated whether the requirements identified in the sub-project Methodology and Requirements are really implemented in the other sub-projects and can be verified in the demonstrators. The workpackage will also compile lessons learnt, recommendations, and proposed future work. 

The following aspects will be evaluated:

  • technical merit
  • security
  • privacy
  • usability
  • socio-economic impact
  • legal conformance
  • accessibility and inclusion

Dissemination and Standardization

The Dissemination and Standardization workpackage sets up the project web site and plans and coordinates dissemination activities through multiple channels including a quarterly newsletter, participation at various kinds of events, publications and liaison to organizations such as Eurosmart. 

A gap analysis of existing standards will identify areas of work where FutureID needs to seek coordination.  FutureID partners plan to actively participate in standardization committees. 

The workpackage further plans the exploitation of project results and keeps track of according activity.