SP0 Management

The Subproject Management includes the Workpackages Project Management and the Financial Management, both led by Fraunhofer IAO.

Project Management

Strategic Management oversees the overall project, including reporting to the European commission and the liaison to related EC projects.

Subproject Management breaks down the project complexity by assigning a leader and co-leader to every subproject, which itself consists of a number of workpackages.  Each subproject monitors and controls its activities and progress, manages risks, and reports to the overall management. 

Quality Management defines various procedures and guidelines for activities and the creation of deliverables.  It further provides uniform standards and templates for presentation and communication of the project. 

The Management of Internal Communications facilitates the flow communications and coordination among partners and provides an online platform for distributed collaboration to project partners.  It includes services such as a Document Management System, Gantt chart and calendar, issue tracking, feeds & email notifications, a wiki, a software version control system, and more. 

Financial Management

Financial management includes tasks such as budgeting, financial reporting, contract preparation, and review of the consortium agreement.