Related Projects

FutureID keeps close ties with several related projects and monitors others.  Among them are the following:


SSEDIC -- Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community -- Integrated Userware


Open eCard

PETWeb II -- Privacy-respecting Identity Management for e-Norge

TDL  -- Trust in Digital Life

A4Cloud -- Accountability for the Cloud [1] [2]

GINI-SA -- Global Identity Network of Individuals - Support Action

STORK  -- Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed

STORK 2.0 -- Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0

epSOS -- European Patients Smart Open Services

PEPPOL -- Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine

ABC4Trust -- Attribute-based Credentials for Trust

SEMIRAMIS --  Secure Management of Information Across Multiple Stakeholders

TClouds -- Trustworthy Clouds. Privacy and Resilience for Internet-scale Critical Infrastructure

CLIPS -- Cloud Approach for Innovation in Public Services